Hot Springs and North Mountain Trails

Arlington Trail 0.1 mile                                         Honeysuckle Trail 0.5 mile 

Carriage Road 0.1 mile                                         Hot Springs Mtn Trail 1.7 mile   

Deaf Child Trail 1.4 mile                                        Lower Dogwood Trail 0.7 mile 

Floral Trail 0.4 mile                                               Peak Trail 0.6 mile  

Fountain Trail 528 ft                                              Reserve Trail 0.3 mile  

Goat Rock Trail 1.1 mile                                       Shortcut Trail 0.2 mile 

Grand Avenue Trail 0.2 mile                                  Tufa Terrance Trail 0.2 mile 

Grand Promenade 0.5 mile                                     Upper Dogwood Trail 1 mile 

Gulpha Gorge Trail 0.8 mile

West and Sugarloaf Mountain Trails

Canyon Trail 0.7 mile                                            Sunset Trail 17 mile

Mountain Top Trail 1.5 mile                                 West Mountain Trail 1.2 mile

Oak Trail 1 mile                                                     Whittington Trail 1.2 mile

 Bike Trails:

Buffalo Gap Trail 9 miles

Cedar Glades 5.5 mile loop

Charlton Trail 4.3 mile, one-way

Little Blakely Trail 9.7 miles of narrow single track loop

Possum Kingdom Trail 17 mile loop

*These are just a few of the tracks around this area. We can assist you with more if interested.  

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